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Do I need wide shoes?

     Do you need wide shoes? When searching for shoes –whether physically at shoes stores or on the internet – it is important to know what type of shoes you need in order to narrow the results. In the retail market place there are loads of options that are easily accessible, but without direction it can be a blur. A common question when working with customers at a shoe store is – Do I need wide shoes? While this is an example of a simple question, the answer is not.

     The necessity for wide shoes can be partially clarified by using the Brannock foot measurement device. The Brannock has been the most consistent way to measure feet for years and is the most widely used measurement tool at Shoe Mill.
1. Align foot in the Brannock device by place the heel first then extend toes.
2. Once the foot is aligned on the Brannock, find the length measurement at the end of the longest toe.
3. Use the tool on the outside of the foot to measure width by finding first finding the toe length and aligning toe length with the corresponding letter. Example: 13 toe length C width.
4. Finally convert the letter width to simple terms like narrow, medium, wide.

     While this measurement is accurate, it is not the whole picture. Width is also a girth measurement. When a person has swollen feet or thick feet, the width necessary to accommodate those foot types can be greater. Consider wide as a volume measurement. Measuring your own feet can be difficult, so stop in to any Shoe Mill location, and we will be happy to measure your feet!
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