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Haflingers - The BEST Slippers

Haflingers - The BEST Slippers

Modern slippers, with all-natural materials. Haflingers slippers come with the best arch support on the market. Haflingers have options for both indoor and outdoor slippers and are great for near the bed or when you need to run out to the mail box. Great for the man who wants something more durable, and for the women who just can’t seem to stay warm enough. Every year Haflingers are among the most gifted items in our store. They are quality slippers with great arch support that hold up well.

Haflinger’s are made in three types:

 1. Light use, indoor only themed slippers such as the Bicycle and Owl featured below.

The themed slippers are machine washable which is an excellent feature when the slippers begin to feel lose or stretched out. For people looking for a cute gift idea the themed slippers change every year, you could make a new tradition of Haflinger slippers for friends and family. Plus the slippers are light weight!

2. The medium use rubber sole Haflinger Slipper with stronger arch support and the ability to wear outside.

The style called ‘Stitch Outdoor’ comes in a few colors, has a stronger arch support and is also machine washable. Slippers that can be machine washed are great for de-sanitizing. Plus if the slipper is feeling stretched out, this returns the slipper to its original shape. The Stitch Outdoor slippers tend to last longer than the themed slippers, and are more often recommended by podiatrists for plantar fasciitis.

3. The cork based Haflinger slippers 

The cork slippers are similar to Birkenstock, with a strong arch support which is highly recommended by foot doctors for healing from plantar fasciitis. The cork slippers can be worn indoor and outdoor and tend to hold up the longest. The slippers do require a little bit of break in, but the overall comfort and longevity is excellent! There are few options within the cork based Haflingers, boiled wool and fuzzy lined. Both are warm and cozy!

I have owned 2 pair of the Haflinger Grizzly in Grey, the most commonly sold Haflinger slipper in our stores. Each pair lasted well over a year, at some point I chose to replace the slippers because I wanted a fresh pair. I kept the old pair for garage shoes!