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Money Back Guarantee


At Shoe Mill, we are genuinely interested in creating a comfortable footwear experience for everyone! We know that the best way to ensure your satisfaction with our exceptional insole selection is to insure that you love how you feel when you wear them. With this in mind, all of the insoles sold at Shoe Mill stores come with a money back guarantee, offered to give you confidence that you will be happy with your selection.

We recognize there are a lot of options for arch support in the market place, and we've scoured the globe for what we believe are among the best options available! And to make you even more comfortable, all of our insoles come with a money back guarantee! Over the years we've helped thousands of customers find comfort, and we believe we can help you too!

Shoe Mill offers quality brands such as Aetrex/Lynco, Sole, and Superfeet. Our affordable selection is generally priced from only $40 - $70. And remember, all of our insoles are guaranteed to your satisfaction; because we know that when getting accustomed to new arch support insoles, peace of mind is the best way to try something new.

View our selection of Insoles here:

Stop by any of our Shoe Mill locations for a free fitting, and our trained staff will help you select the most comfortable insoles for your shoes. We have insoles for a wide range of shoe styles and wearing scenarios. Some examples of customers who have found our selection perfect for their needs are:

  • Restaurant workers
  • Retail support such as – Home Depot, Lowe's, Costco, etc.
  • Nurses and Doctors
  • Runners and Hikers
  • General foot issues like
    • Plantar Fasciitis
    • Sore Heels
    • Low Arch
    • Arch Pain

Shoe Mill is highly recommend resource for foot doctors in the region. Routinely, we see customers who have been sent to Shoe Mill stores by their podiatrist. We have a great working relationship with our local podiatrists who trust Shoe Mill to provide excellent options for their patience.

We believe our product assortment is great, and our money back guarantee is also super helpful. But our best service is our store staff! Not only does our staff truly enjoy helping customers, they know that our insoles can help just about everyone be more comfortable. After all, our store staff work on their feet for most of the day helping customers. Ask a staff member which insole is their favorite!

We look forward to the opportunity to help you find comfort! See you soon!