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Give Them a Gift They'll Love

Give Them a Gift They'll Love

Slippers and socks will warm their hearts...and their feet!

Finding the perfect gift for a loved one can be tough. But when in doubt, especially during the cold months, giving the loving gift of warmth and comfort can be just the right fit. After all, warm feet, warm heart!

To help, we've put together a list of some greats they’re sure to love.

  • Woman wearing white slippers

    Slip them some love with warm slippers

    Slippers may be considered cliche, but you really can't go wrong. What’s not to love about a new pair of cozy slippers, especially as quality, stylish and comfortable as the styles we carry at our stores? Here are three of our favorites in each of those categories:

    • Quality: A cheap pair of slippers from a big box retailer won't add up to much after a few months. To show someone you really care, invest in a pair that will provide support, keep their feet warm and dry and will last many seasons ahead. The AT from Haflinger features all that and more!
    • Style: More and more, slippers are being worn outside of the house and can be super fashionable when paired with the right outfit. No one does this better than UGG. Check out this Coquette here to stay warm and fashionable at home and around town!
    • Comfortable: Of course, most slippers are comfortable but there are some that excel in this category. We love this style from Olukai. (Customers say these feel like clouds hugging your feet!)
  • Woman wearing socks by a winter fire

    Not all socks are created equal

    A pair of quality socks can truly be life changing. We’ve seen it time and time again where someone tries a premium sock for the first time...and they never look back!

    BUT there are a just few things to consider depending on who you’re gifting them to. Socks come in many styles and fabrics, so it's good to know which is best for different lifestyles.

    • For the hiker in your life, wool socks are a good choice because they can keep feet warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather. Wool is a natural material, so it is breathable and keeps your feet dry and insulated. Check these out from FITS.
    • Does a loved one exercise or travel a lot? Compression socks are ideal for people who spend a lot of time on their feet to help recover or in the air and want to reduce swelling. They can also be worn to help prevent blood clots and other conditions. These from Sockwell are a great option.
    • For the one who ALWAYS has cold feet. Again, good fitting wool socks will be the best option here. Never have cold feet again with these from Smartwool.
Woman having her shoes professionally fitted at Shoe Mill Woman getting foorwear recommendations at Shoe Mill

Too many options? We can help!

If you’re not sure about just the right fit for your giftee, consider stopping by any of our six locations and consulting with our team.

Of course, you can always purchase an online or in-store gift card too!

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