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Make Your Shoes Fit for You: A Guide to Personalized Footwear

Make Your Shoes Fit for You: A Guide to Personalized Footwear

Tips, techniques, and tools for finding long-lasting comfort and fit.

Buying shoes: fun, tiring and sometimes over-complicated. Even if you know what you want before walking into the shoe store, the number of options can be dizzying! It may be easy to go for the newest or flashiest pair, but those are not always the best choice for our feet. Most of the time, we tend to prioritize style over comfort or proper fit. In fact, studies show that around 50% of us are likely wearing the wrong-sized shoes!

But foregoing fit for style & value isn’t doing us any favors. Poor-fitting footwear can be a contributor to many common foot ailments such as bunion growth, deformities, and consistent foot pain, which can last a lifetime.

At Shoe Mill, our uniquely qualified staff have the knowledge and tools to help solve a variety of foot problems. For more than 40 years we've helped people look AND feel good.

Keep reading to learn some of our favorite tips, techniques, and tools that help people find long-lasting comfort and the perfect fit every time.


Measurement + Fitting

Like any other apparel item, shoes can vary greatly in size depending on the brand. It is important to remember when measuring that there is no such thing as your "true size." Regardless of the numbers stamped in the tongue of your favorite pair, your feet are the final authority on what fits.


How We Find Your True Fit

It all begins with the “Brannock Device” which remains the best in the business when it comes to measuring foot size. Unchanged since the 1920s, this device is still the industry standard. If you’ve ever placed your foot in a metal contraption at a shoe store, then you’ve used one! Our team is well trained to use the trusty device to find your exact size and width.


Sizing & Adjustment Tools

After finding your initial fit, we can take additional steps to personalize just for you. Not every shoe fits every foot perfectly right out of the box and may need a bit of “tailoring” depending on the circumstances. Our associates have several tools and the knowledge to use them, to help improve fit.

Toe Box Lifter

    Particularly helpful with patients with sensitive toes, the toe box lifter creates volume in footwear to relieve pressure.

    Ring-and-Ball Stretcher

      Allows for stretching specific parts of a shoe's upper. Ideal for patients who suffer from bunions, claw/hammer toes, or other localized sensitive foot areas.

      Tongue Pad

        An adhesive felt pad was added under the tongue, increasing pressure across the instep and preventing movement/heel slippage. Ideal for those with flatter feet.



        Additional tools for even more comfort

        Orthotic Insoles

        We can’t stress the benefits of a good insole enough! Insoles support different areas of the foot and provide superior comfort. Proper cushioning can help relieve and prevent joint or muscle pain in the feet during daily activity.

        Shoe Mill carries the finest over-the-counter orthotics on the market. Based on the brand, all our insoles come with a 30 to 90-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.



          The original OTC orthotic company offers a variety of products for every day and activewear and pain relief. Available in wide, to fit everything from dress flats to ski boots.



            Active sports orthotic designed for athletes. Ideal in athletic shoes, but works for other styles and foot types. These are also heat-moldable for a custom fit!


            Therapeutic Socks

            Proper socks are a crucial component of foot health. Quality socks help manage moisture, which can lead to athlete’s foot. Shoe Mill carries various compression socks from top brands such as Sockwell, Feetures and SmartWool, as well as other non-therapeutic options.


            Sockwell Compression Socks

              Sockwell compression socks wick moisture away from moist feet and add a seamless toe to reduce irritation. The added Spandex throughout improves fit and prevents slippage.

              Feetures Socks

                Feetures offers targeted compression that is zone-specific compression where you need it most, for superior comfort and support, providing an enhanced level of fit and reduced risk of blisters.


                We’ll help you take care of your feet at home too!

                House Shoes

                  We carry orthotic-friendly slippers, sandals, and flip-flops that provide anatomical support for casual hours, from brands like Haflinger, Birkenstock, UGG, and Sole.

                  Foot Rubz

                    Inspired by ancient Asian acupressure techniques, this little green wonder ball is perfect for those with plantar fasciitis. Also available in a latex-free option.


                    No matter what your shoe-fitting needs are, Shoe Mill is here to support you. There is something for everyone in our large selection of socks, insoles & sizing tools. Stop by any of our Shoe Mill locations to get your proper sizing & fit today!

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