Private Events at Shoe Mill!
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Private Events at Shoe Mill!

Private Events at Shoe Mill!

At Shoe Mill, we love providing a unique and enjoyable shoe shopping experience, but we realize it can often be challenging to get just what you’re looking for in a busy retail atmosphere. Plus, wouldn’t shopping be a whole lot more fun with your favorite friends?!

Well, we've got something extraordinary in store for you! Imagine an exclusive shoe shopping bash, with a store all to yourself and your favorite friends, and the best fit experts to help you find everything and anything you want.

Get ready to step into a world of personalized attention, expert guidance and a whole lot of fun as we take your shoe shopping journey to new heights!

Personalized Attention Tailored to You

Forget about the chaos of crowded stores and feeling like just another customer. This private event is all about giving YOU the VIP treatment. No rush, no hassle—our dedicated team will be at your beck and call, catering to your unique shoe needs, style preferences, and any specific requests you have.

Let Us Show Your Favorite Shoe Lovers a Good Time!

Who says shoe shopping has to be a solitary affair? Gather your favorite friends for a one-of-a-kind exclusive shoe extravaganza! Bond, laugh, and share fashion secrets while exploring the best brands from around the world. It's not just about buying shoes; it's about making memories and celebrating the joy of finding that perfect pair together.

Exclusive Offers and Personalization

As a token of our appreciation for attending a private event, we have some fun perks just for you and your friends such as exclusive discounts, free gifts with your purchase, free snacks and beverages of your choice, and a complimentary gift bag for all.

Customize Your Event

Have some specific ideas in mind? We’re all ears! Contact us about hosting a private event just for you and your friends and we can do our best to customize just how you like.

Finally, don’t take it just from us! Our friend Stephanie and her friends recently attended an exclusive shopping event at Shoe Mill and here’s what she had to say.

"I had no idea shoe shopping with my besties would be so much fun!  My favorite part was the way the Shoe Mill team rolled out the red carpet for us.  Everyone who attended got one-on-one service with a full analysis of their foot length, width and arch type."

"They also got great suggestions for the best brands for their particular feet.  Each friend who attended bought at least one brand new pair of shoes and I know their feet are now thanking them for it.  One friend stocked up on multiple pairs of sandals because she couldn't get over the fact that they were super cute AND super comfortable."

"A Shoe Mill private shopping experience would be the perfect way to celebrate a birthday, bachelorette, graduation, finishing a race, or really any other milestone.  My friends and I enjoyed the drinks and snacks provided by Shoe Mill as we tried on shoes to our hearts' delight.  In addition to our new shoes, we all left with bags of Shoe Mill swag and other fun freebies.  This was an evening we won't soon forget.  Thank you for making it a special night for us, Shoe Mill!"

Don't wait! Treat you and your friends to a one-of-a-kind shoe shopping event. Sign up now and get ready to party in style. We can't wait to see you at our exclusive private shopping bash!

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