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Shoe Mill
916 Lloyd Center Ste 1007
Portland, Oregon 97232
(503) 284-3420

Location Details

Shoe Mill is located on the lower level of Lloyd Center Mall, in the west wing beyond the ice rink and across the hall from the Starbucks coffee shop and the H&M store.

Shoe Mill has served customers in the Lloyd Center Mall for over 35 years, and it’s the Shoe Mill location that’s closest downtown Portland.

The product mix in the Lloyd Center Shoe Mill store is geared towards active individuals interested in walking, outdoor and athletic shoes. The store is also well stocked with the current trendy style such as Birkenstock, UGG, Pikolinos, Hoka, Ziera and Dansko.


About The Manager

Joseph is the store manager of the Shoe Mill store in the Lloyd Center Mall. He has worked at Shoe Mill for 5 years, working his way up from a stock person to his current position as store manager. He brings a fashion flair to the store that ensures we carry the latest and most popular shoe designs. Joseph is also a fit expert who has studied foot maladies, so he and his team are able to recommend the best shoes for all of their customers – even those with unique foot conditions.

Store Picks

Check out some of the Lloyd Center favorite shoes


“They were very personable and did a great job figuring out which shoe would work for me.”

- Paige

“They helped me get the size I need and went the extra mile to make me happy.”

- Marcela

“Such gracious and attentive service.”

- Lynn

“I’m a bit hard to fit – patient, interested and polite service.”

- Irene

“They provided me the best service I have ever had in Portland.”

- Scott