Lloyd Center - Closed — Shoe Mill
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Lloyd Center - Closed

We have recently closed our Shoe Mill location inside Lloyd Center Mall.  

Lloyd Center was the first Shoe Mill location and back in the late 1980’s it was one of the very first stores in the United States to bring customers European comfort footwear sourced from all around the world.   

Originally when the Shoe Mill store opened, the shopping center was open air.  Since then, the mall has been updated to be enclosed with this dramatic change establishing Lloyd Center as the biggest mall in Oregon. Over the years retail has changed, perhaps none more so than this year and we were left with no choice but to close the store. 

We have greatly appreciated the opportunity to serve the Portland area community, as well as the travelers who have passed through over the years. All 6 other Shoe Mill stores remain open and ready to serve the Portland Metro area. 

Shoe Mill would like to thank all the customers who have let us Put the World at Their Feet in the Lloyd Center Mall for over 40 years.