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Lynco L2200M - Memory Foam Nude

Men's L2200M - Memory Foam in Nude

$ 64.95


  • Designed To Provide Unsurpassed Comfort And Support In Most Footwear Styles.  The L2200 Orthotic Features Slow Recovery Iq150 Memory Foam That Customizes To The Shape Of The Foot To Help Create A Pressure Free Environment In Your Shoes. A Soft Copperguard Top Cover Made Form State Of The Art Copper Fibers Help Prevent Bacteria, Fungi And Odor. 
  • Rearfoot Cupped - Cushions And Stabilizes Rearfoot.
  • Forefoot Nuetral -  Without Metatarsal Support For Those Not Suffering From Ball-Of-Foot Discomfort.
  • Recommended For Medium And High Arch Feet.
  • Sku: L2200M
  • Male
  • Adult